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Van Haren values the importance of providing good quality products and services, which is a key factor customers rely on. With our extensive experience in assessing organizational quality, we believe in contributing towards this goal. As an accredited issuer of government labels through Van Haren Certify, we also receive support from partner accreditations. We reward our partners who successfully complete our free accreditation process with a social badge and discounts on our products.

Education Partnership
Accredited Education Partnership
15% discounted Courseware (learning materials) for delegates/students
Trainer materials in PowerPoint for trainer/teacher
Free look-inside in all content (courseware & books)
Van Haren can offer accredited discounts
Free teacher exams
Accreditation certificate
Listed as training provider

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Many organizations might be basing their accreditation on a core that is outdated. The accreditation of Van Haren certN adheres to the ISO17024, and leverages performance data to make the accreditation less time-consuming for education providers and more accurate.


Since the start of Van Haren certN, our core principle has been to remain completely independent and always remain impartial. We fully understand the importance of impartiality in carrying out accreditation and certification activities, managing conflicts of interest, and ensuring the objectivity of our certification activities.


We have set up thorough procedures for all of our accreditation, examination, and certifications. All mapped out in detailed processes. In doing so, it ensures that we ourselves and our delegates can be compliant with all requirements and we ensure to receive the rightful treatment.


Van Haren certN’ intention is to remain fully compliant and to obtain the highest level of quality. We do this by consistently re-evaluating our ways of working and by improving our own work methods. The ISO 17024 guidelines, industry-standards, and overall customer experiences play an essential role in how we approach compliance regulations. Compliance organizations regularly assess that Van Haren Learning Solutions continues to meet the requirements required by industry-standard(s).