Giving Something Back All for trees

Trees for all

Originating as a publisher over 20 years ago. We have contributed to our fair share of paper usage.

We acknowledge this…

We don’t think this paper has gone to waste. Since it has helped many organization improve their business though best practices. Learning from each other’s success.

But we can do more!

Number of Trees planted

We Doubly Compensate our usage



We at Van Haren compensate for all orders.

Meaning: For every book purchased from us, we double-reimburse the paper used for this publication.

We also compensate the same revenue for e-books, exams, and anything else bought by the Van Haren Group.

Planting trees together

Planting trees together for a green and healthy world.



Revenue Translated to pages

We (have) calculated how many pages are represented if we expressed the revenue in paper pages. (We included e-books and exams)


Pages calculated in number of trees

We calculate how many trees would be needed to generate these books (paper pages).