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Discover a Smarter Path with Vijfhart: Where Learning Meets Passion

At Beats! Vijfhart, we are not just an IT training center; we are the pioneers of knowledge, backed by over 39 years of expertise in shaping IT professionals. With a legacy of transforming more than 500,000 individuals, we stand as the largest independent IT trainer in the Netherlands, contributing significantly to the digital transformation that defines our era.

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Our Foundation: Passion, Respect, and Limitless Curiosity

In our vibrant community, we breathe life into our core values, making them the heartbeat of our organization:

  1. Passionate Dedication: Our fervor for our customers and products drives our commitment to excellence.
  2. Family Ethos: We are more than just a business; we are a family. A tapestry of connections woven with love and respect defines our interactions.
  3. Fearless Innovation: We embrace a spirit of audacity and curiosity, exploring uncharted territories with confidence. A touch of cheekiness keeps our journey exciting.
  4. Limitless Vision: Sky’s not the limit; it’s just the view. We are boundlessly imaginative and solution-focused, challenging the status quo to forge new paths.
  5. Championing Challenges: Each one of us is a challenger, pushing boundaries, questioning norms, and inspiring others to achieve unparalleled excellence.

Personal Connection, Personal Growth

In the heart of our family-oriented approach lies the essence of personal connection. Vijfhart isn’t just a business; it’s a home of knowledge-sharing. Nestled in our DNA is the passion for disseminating wisdom, ensuring that every interaction is more than just transactional. With our dedicated team of in-house educators, we offer a personalized touch to your learning journey. Every learner at Vijfhart is more than a participant; you are a valued member of our community, supported by a personal contact person. Whether you have questions or seek guidance, we are here for you, every step of the way.

Tailored Learning for Every Individual

Recognizing that every learner is unique, we have crafted diverse teaching formats to cater to your preferences:

  1. Classroom Excellence: Engage in vibrant learning experiences in our physical, online, or hybrid classrooms.
  2. Guided Personal Sessions: Benefit from one-on-one guidance, either in person or online, tailored to your specific needs.
  3. E-learning Adventures: Explore the digital realm with our E-learning modules, designed for seamless and flexible learning.

Join Our Journey

At Beats! Vijfhart, we invite you to join our community of passionate learners, thinkers, and innovators. Discover the joy of limitless learning and the power of genuine connections. Unleash your potential, explore without boundaries, and redefine your educational experience. Your transformation begins here. Welcome to Vijfhart, where knowledge meets its most enthusiastic seekers. Let’s shape a smarter tomorrow together.