November 16, 2023

PUBLIC PROJECT MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE.                                                        Success and failure in public projects

Project Success and Failures in Public Administration: Shaping Tomorrow’s Societies

The management of projects within public or governmental administrations is no easy task, presenting its unique set of challenges. Nevertheless, the success of these projects plays a pivotal role in shaping the economies and societies of tomorrow. Recent studies and academic publications underscore the increasing projectification of our society, accompanied by challenges related to funding, transparency, and execution.

Themes like Smart cities, Industry 5.0, Green Mega Projects, and Research stand as testament to the pressing need for project professionals within the public sector to acquire insights into the right tools, latest techniques, and the appropriate mindsets required to deliver value and bring about critical changes for citizens.

To address these issues and shed light on the future of public project management, a panel of recognized experts in the project domain will convene. This panel will comprise representatives from various sectors, including administrations, professional associations, universities, and the private sector. Together, they will present and discuss the latest trends, ongoing initiatives, and offer a glimpse into what the future holds for the public project manager. The collective expertise will help bridge the gap between challenges and solutions, shaping a more prosperous and successful future for public projects and, consequently, for society at large.