About last year (2020) – never waste a good crisis

Last year has been a turbulent year for us all. Van Haren Publishing but also Van Haren Learning Solutions is strongly connected to the training branch and have been hit in a similar manner as other companies in our branch. However, we did decide to, as said by Winston Churchill, never waste a good crisis.

Van Haren Publishing

Therefor we have been working hard on several new products. In 2020 Van Haren Publishing released titles such as Organizational Behavior Management – An introduction, Succesvol Digitaal Transformeren, Agile focus in governance, Data Management: a gentle introduction, Introduction to Blockchain Technology and many more available here.

Van Haren Learning Solutions

Van Haren Learning Solutions has also been busy. We have welcomed new products such as Pragmatic Kanban, I.AMDIGITAL, the CATS CM® Certification and publications and the certification line of ITAMOrg with IT, Software and Hardware Asset management. This year soon-to-be-mentioned collaborations are bearing their fruits as they say.

But we have also made some business developments such as a closer collaboration with IPMA NL, DIDFoundation and existing partners.
Van Haren Learning Solutions took this year to develop upgrades in our partner delivery and service. You might have seen that we now also offer certifications. You can have closer look here: https://www.vhls.global/.

New Partnership model

In relation to this, we have also updated our partnership model. Clear and easy to understand and use, with the goal to provide clear value to our partners. Take a look here below. Our current courseware partner is from now on named Education Partner of Van Haren Learning Solutions.


Van Haren Community & the logistic change

On top of all these new developments, we have started to create the Van Haren Community to facilitate our partners but also users and clients. Our partners can be found by potential candidates, but also download their courseware presentations, share their thought and feedback on certain topics but also access materials and new publications, the video below provide a brief overview.

We hope you like to work with us, our main focus is delivering value!