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Half Double Foundation Guide & The Half Double Handbook

The basics

The Half Double publications is a book and a guide providing a comprehensive set of knowledge, concepts, techniques, and skills for the project manager who wants to create more impact of his projects in half the time.

Summary of the method

Whatever project your organisation is launching – the rolling out of new products and services, improving customer experiences or business productivity – the Half Double Methodology can help.

Time after time, research reveals that only 36% of projects are successful. Most projects simply do not result in the impact they intended to. The Half Double Institute is a non-profit foundation whose methodology addresses this problem. Working in conjunction with three universities and 2,500 of the best project managers in Denmark, their methodology was created after comprehensively research. Trials of this methodology across 16 pilot projects in 16 different organisations, resulted in 87% of these pilot projects fulfilling or partly fulfilling the project success criteria. Not just delivered in time but even more important delivered with a business outcome such as increased revenue, reduced cost or reduced time to market. A vast improvement in project success.

Half Double focuses on three core principles – Impact, Flow, and Leadership – which leads to greater value creation and a proven increase in project success rates:

Impact is all about navigating the project towards a given value creation. Being firm on impact and flexible on the deliverables. Not the other way around.

Flow is about making sure the project has a weekly progression – giving us the opportunity to speed up the project and motivate people in the project.

Leadership is about embracing the uncertainty inbound in all projects while making sure all stakeholders are onboard in a collaborative effort. Strong leadership will increase stakeholder satisfaction.

Half Double Foundation Guide and Handbook will inspire with simple tools and practices for readers to use in their organizations, enabling their projects to gain more impact in less time.

Look at Half Double’s video case studies and find out how they have helped launch better products and services quicker and executed change faster. See how Half Double projects can be completed in less time, and result in double the impact.

Target audience

Although the publication typically targets (senior) project managers, the processes described involve all roles with an interest in project management, such as senior executives, programme and project managers, project team members, members of a project office, consultants and other specialists.

Scope and constraints

The Half Double Methodology is a generic, hybrid approach that can be applied to any project.


Proven by researchers

·       Extensive participation by different industry sectors and organizations and tested in real business projects

·       Methodology is co-created by the most successful project managers and their best practise

·       Generic and adaptive; it can be applied to any project

·       A hybrid project management approach – thus able to co-exist and fit into other project management standards, both agile and traditional

·       Certification programmes (Foundation, Practitioner and Master) available through multiple partners and examination through APMG International – an award-winning, global examination institute.


  •     The Half Double Foundation Guide does not provide real life case examples describing the use of tools and templates – this can instead be found in the Handbook.

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