Growth Hacking is a driver for continuous value creation.

The basics

As the person responsible for growth in your business today, what you need is a new, more dynamic approach. An approach that understands different perspectives in the customer journey and the synergies between different ways of working: growing from marketing, sales and/or product.

Structurally discovering, developing, and launching new propositions aligned with your vision, is essential in these times. This requires ideas. Ideas for new propositions, but perhaps more importantly, for the further development of your existing products and services.

And, to get from idea to scalable, sustainable growth as quickly as possible – you also need a sustainable and methodical approach. This domain and this approach are what we call Continuous Value Creation. This approach will be at the core of the Masters of Growth certification program.


Complex, rapidly changing and highly specialized. This is the world we’re operating in at the moment. Marketing, product development and innovation are becoming more and more challenging for business leaders. Customer journeys are becoming more complex. The number of available and necessary tools for managing marketing, product, activation, and retention is growing exponentially. How do you maintain the helicopter overview in this ocean of tools and processes? And more importantly, how do you keep focusing on what you need to be focusing on? Growth and the continuous creation of value consist of two important phases: the Idea Phase and the Growth Phase. Design Thinking and Growth Hacking are the methods you use to achieve scalable growth in the specific phases of this growth cycle.

Growth Hacking

Design Thinking is what you focus on in the Idea Phase: in service of designing a proposition by discovering customer value (based on a validated problem or need). While Growth Hacking is about accelerating growth; catalyzing and improving value (where possible, very quickly) into a scalable proposition. Both have equally important roles as they complement each other on the road towards growth. Feedback is the artery through which the continuous flow of insights contributes to the process of value creation.

Target audience

The Masters of Growth course is a certification program for all professionals involved in growth in business. It will teach those responsible for Growth all of the necessary strategies, tactics and tools they need to implement the above framework. As the

end result, you will be able to act at a strategic level, to plan and translate this all the way down to execution across the entire spectrum of growth within your organization. From finance to product, from sales to marketing, with maximum, sustainable growth as a result. Specific roles for whom we expect the certification to add a lot of value are:

•   Product Managers/Owners,

•   Product Developers/UX Designers,

•   Marketing Managers,

•   CCOs, CMOs,

•   Sales Reps.


Scope and constraints

Read more about Growth hacking and Continuous Value Creation: sustainable-growth/