IT Asset Management (ITAM)

The basics

The basics of IT Asset Management are brought together in the book IT Asset Management Foundation. This book provides

a comprehensive introduction on IT Assets and specifics of their management. It is written for anyone that wants to start in the IT Asset Management area, either holistically or with focus on a particular stream according to which IT Assets are to be managed. It also describes how ITAM practice is linked to ITSM practices, how it is interfaced to non-IT processes and who are typical stakeholders for each specific stage of IT Asset Management process. Besides the ICT security specific topics attention is given to the organization and governance of IT

security, including people, technology, and processes essential for the security of corporate assets. The book is on purpose not very technical; everyone should be able to understand it.


The purpose of IT Asset Management Foundation is to describe all essential areas of IT Asset Management and also builds a solid foundation for further study of its components on advanced level. It provides also references to the ISO 19770 standard and ITIL 4. In this latest release of ITIL, IT Asset Management became one of its practices. The book covers the following areas:

•   IT Asset Management Introduction

•   Hardware Asset Management Introduction

•   Software Asset Management Introduction

•   Service & Cloud Asset Management Introduction

•   People & Information Asset Management Introduction

•   IT Asset Management Interfaces Introduction


The book provides a comprehensive and holistic approach on IT Asset Management, with emphasis on each stage of the lifecycle of an IT Asset and the stakeholders involved. Having IT Assets under the control is an important pre-requisite to spend IT budget in an effective and efficient manner, supports overall compliance as well as supports the compliance risk – both in

the Software and Hardware area can have serious impact on company operation and reputation. A very good starting point for further specialisation in the very broad area of information security areas of expertise – namely the Software Asset Management and Hardware Asset Management.

The book IT Asset Management Foundation contains, besides the theoretical concepts, also practical examples.

Target audience

•   Managers – who are primarily responsible for implementing and governing IT Asset Management or its part in their organizations

•   IT professionals – that need a basic understanding of ITAM or are directly involved in some of the ITAM practices (e.g. SAM Manager).

•   Procurement professionals – that are involved in IT Assets sourcing

•   Internal audit – as compliance is a key concept across IT Asset Management.

•   Executives – who are primarily responsible for developing and/or approving an IT Asset Management strategy and then overseeing its implementation and governance (The “C” suite of Corporate Officers)

•   Academicians, graduate and upper-level undergraduate students – who must teach and master a fundamental understanding of IT Asset Management.

•   Everyone within an organization – who wants to know more and understand the impact of IT Asset Management.

Scope and constraints

The book IT Asset Management Foundation covers the various areas of IT Asset Management that are also addressed in the ISO 19770 and ITIL 4, by explaining the basic concepts and technologies used and giving practical examples based on practical everyday examples