What does Van Haren offer

Van Haren has several product lines that all relate to best practices. For both individuals who like to advance their careers and educators, who vary from academia to training providers.




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IP Distribution

Van Haren Publishing has the know-how of enabling
authors and communities to communicate in the form of IP Distribution.
It is the main product that we distribute around the world via a complex
eco-system of multiple channels. Our overall objective is to ensure that IP
Distribution and the communities involved continues to grow.


Van Haren Publishing manages the publishing process from
start to finish. Our extensive portfolio in the field of IT & IT Management,
Enterprise Architecture, Business Management, and Project Management
is a testament to the high-quality level of all our publications. For us, a
publication means any content that can be delivered in the format of a
hardcopy book, e-book, or ePub.


These are accredited, ready-to-give, high-quality course
materials for trainers and students. Take a look at our portfolio on www. Organizations only pay per candidate and can give highquality training without having to worry about version control, revisions,
accreditation, personalization, or delivery.

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An examination is a well-executed practice to measure if a person
has mastered a level of knowledge sufficiently enough. We take away many
of the challenges of doing an exam by including a free practice exam set-up
in the same examination environment. Our exams can be done any-where any-time- on any device.


Van Haren Learning Solutions provides professional
certification including social badge for those who passed our exams.
Our exams are always backed by the communities that practice in the
certifications we provide. This guarantees quality certifications, and all of
our certification activities are ISO 17024 compliant.


We can also accredit organizations and audit them. We do
this to guarantee they are compliant with the quality standard to provide
accredited training on a best practice governed by Van Haren Learning
Solutions. Organizations are audited on their quality management system,
trainers, and training material.