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Appeal Procedures

You can find a description of the process a candidate must follow to request an appeal concerning the Van Haren Learning Solutions exam here below. It also explains the condition and requirements that go with the appeal procedure.


It is the responsibility of Van Haren Learning Solutions to assess all appeals in an independent manner and ensure that the quality of the certification was sufficient.

It is the responsibility of the candidate to follow the correct procedure, follow the instructions, and stick to the conditions of the appeal.

The candidate will need to agree with this decision regardless of the result of the appeal. If they still don’t agree they should provide a complaint according to the complaint procedure. All complaints must be clear and explicit, if candidates wish to succeed with his or her request.


We will review our processes annually as part of our self-evaluation. If candidates provide feedback or complaints, these will be included in our review process and dealt with accordingly. All appeals will be treated by a separate employee, and therefore will not be exposed to the party involved in the complaint/feedback. This will ensure that the matter is treated fairly and honestly.


Candidates must understand the appeal procedure, which means they understand that if they would like to make an appeal they need to know the number of the question they would like to appeal.  They need to be able to provide a reason for the appeal and that they understand and agree to the fact that they will not be able to review the exam questions after finishing the exam.


Processing an appeal takes a lot of time. Van Haren Learning Solutions promotes the quality improvement of the certification but does see the risk of students who have failed on their own accord appealing without due cause. For this reason, we will charge candidates a fee of 50% of the RRP price of an exam to initiate an appeal procedure. These costs are purely to compensate for the effort to execute the appeal.

If an appeal has been founded and approved all candidates that had this question in the past three months and failed will be selected for rectification of their grades. For those who would have passed if the questions were rectified, they will get a message confirming that they have passed the exam after all due to rectification.

Initiate Appeal procedure upon request is if the candidate has executed an exam and does not agree with his or her results, claiming that there is an error in the exam or examination.

If the candidate is correct his exam score will be corrected and we will correct anyone else who suffers from this error.

However, they do need to agree and sign the general conditions and requirements, these are all detailed and listed at www.vhls.global. There is a possible outcome that they will not be granted correct. In this case, their request will not be granted. Part of accepting the examination request is that they agree with these terms and conditions and accept any outcomes from this.


If a candidate wishes to bring forth an appeal, this will need to be done within four weeks after receiving the examination result. They will need to submit the signed appeal form to certification@vanharen.net.

Information that needs to be included on the form
(download form here: Exam Results Appeal Form – Van Haren Learning Solutions V1.0)

Candidate name in full
Exam date
Title of the exam
Exam voucher
Full nature of the appeal
Candidates will need to sign their appeal document, regardless if the outcome is favorable or not. No action can be undertaken until this document has been properly signed.

Candidates need to provide reasons as to why their question is incorrect, include the number of the question they had incorrect, and clearly state why the question is incorrect.
Be Aware: the reasoning behind the appeal will only be considered for the exact question they are referring to. So, despite the fact an incorrect question number was provided they must be aware that only that question will be reviewed. All others will not be reviewed.

A maximum of 5 questions can be reviewed during a single appeal.

The candidate will receive an invoice that will need to be paid in full before the appeal process can begin.

The appeal questions will be generated by our back-office support. These will be provided together with the appeal form to an auditor that will evaluate the appeal.

The auditor is an appointed specialist that has been selected by the examination board to execute this task.

If the student was correct, then the grade given to the candidate will be rectified, which may mean that the candidate passes their exam.

If the rectification is not accepted, the candidate will also be informed of this decision.

The auditor is an appointed specialist that has been selected by the examination board to execute this task.


In the examination procedure, there was a deviation from the regular procedure that may have affected the candidate’s score, and therefore the candidate has requested an appeal.

It is possible that a calculation was made incorrectly, resulting in a candidate failing his/her exam when they should have normally passed.

It is possible that a candidate answers a question that has been formulated/calculated incorrectly where in reality it should be correct.

If a candidate does not agree with a penalty after committing fraud, they can appeal this.