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Permissions, translations, and reprints


Van Haren has a track record for innovation and a long tradition as a publisher of high-quality books on best practices and standards. Van Haren content is highly valued worldwide for translation, republication, and reprint by publishing houses, commercial organizations, academic institutions, not-for-profits, and individuals.

We invite you to take a closer look and contact our rights team to discuss how we can help you find titles for your publishing program.


How to obtain permission to reuse Van Haren content? Requests for permission to reuse the content (e.g., figure or table, abstract, text excerpts) from Van Haren publications must be submitted in writing. Please be as detailed as possible about what, where, how much, and why you wish to reuse the content.

Your contact to obtain permission for the reuse of material: License@vanharen.net.

Translations and reprints

Are you be interested in considering any of the titles published by Van Haren regarding acquiring translation, reprint, or paperback rights of entire books? Just send us an email to License@vanharen.net


Please include the name of the author(s)/editor(s), title, and ISBN, along with your contact information in your inquiry. If the rights are available, then we would be pleased to grant you an option and send you a reading copy for

If you are a translator, please note our policy to grant options only to
publishers or organizations. Therefore, if you are interested in translating a
specific title, we ask you to inform us. Are you already in contact with a
publishing house or organization that is willing to publish the translation? In
this case, please have them contact us regarding further formalities.

Are you interested?

Are you interested in licensing Van Haren Publishing publications?
Send us your email and we will contact you!