BIAN (Banking Industry Architecture Network) and CC & C Solutions have hosted a BIAN Implementation webinar March 4th.

In early 2020, BIAN has created the BIAN adoption, working group. Focusing on facilitating (new) members to adopt BIAN. Leveraging use cases and best practices of existing BIAN members.

Participants of this workgroup are users from banks, solution providers, and education providers such as Envizion, CC & C Solutions but also Van Haren Learning Solutions who is hosting the BIAN certification.

This group has already made much progress providing an adoption guide, the Practitioner Community including many benefits.

As part of this journey enabling BIAN members and users, CC & C Solutions provide training to users so that they can get certified. Getting much experience with BIAN users they now host this webinar together with BIAN. Demonstrate best practices on how to implement and adopt BIAN.

A must-see for all current and ambitious banking technology professionals