Data literacy

Data literacy is the key to unlocking the hidden insights and untapped potential within your data-driven world. Empower yourself with the ability to understand, interpret, and effectively communicate with data

DATA Literacy

Data Literacy

The Van Haren Group, is the publisher and professional certification provider for Data Literacy, through the Effective Data Foundation (EDF). We facilitate cooperation and individuals in their learning and application of Data Literacy.

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EDF Data Literacy Professional Courseware

€ 86.11

EDF Certified Data Literacy Professional

€ 217.74
Excl. TAX.
BADGES_VH_CERTIFY_EDF_analyse data - literacy

EDF Certified Data Analysis Professional

€ 250
Excl. TAX.
Data Management courseware based on CDMP Fundamentals - Data literacy

Data Management courseware based on CDMP Fundamentals

€ 110
Excl. TAX.
Data Visualization - Data literacy EDF

EDF Data Literacy Professional Courseware

€ 250
Excl TAX.

EDF Data Visualization Professional Courseware

€ 79
Excl. TAX.
Data Management: a gentle introduction - edf data literacy

Data Management: a gentle introduction

€ 49.95
Excl. TAX.
Embrace the data revolution and embark on a journey of knowledge and discovery. Unlock the power of data literacy to navigate the complexities of the modern world. Equip yourself with the skills to harness data’s potential, make informed decisions, and drive meaningful change. Start your data literacy journey today and unleash a world of endless possibilities.
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About Effective Data Foundation

The Effective Data Foundation (EDF) is a consortium of professionals and institutes specialising in data and data-related subjects and specialisations.

It not only focuses on professionals with an IT background. But also has the ambition to enable all business professionals to leverage data.

Navigating the Digital Age with Data Literacy: Training and Certification for Essential Skills

In the era of data-driven decision-making, possessing data literacy skills has become indispensable for professionals across industries. Data literacy empowers individuals to comprehend, analyze, and interpret data effectively, fostering better decision-making and problem-solving. This article delves into the significance of data literacy and literacy skills and highlights the advantages of training and certification in this domain, utilizing resources available at

Embracing Data Literacy in the Digital Landscape

The EDF Data Literacy Professional Courseware, accessible through, offers professionals a gateway to mastering data literacy skills. This courseware provides a comprehensive guide to understanding the nuances of data, enabling professionals to navigate the complexities of data-driven environments with confidence.

For those aspiring to validate their data literacy skills, the exam EDF Certified Data Literacy Professional, also available on the platform, offers a formal recognition of expertise in this domain. This certification showcases professionals’ commitment to harnessing data literacy to drive informed decisions and contribute to organizational success.

Why Professionals Should Prioritize Data Literacy Education

In an age where data is abundant but its value is unlocked through interpretation, data literacy becomes a game-changer. Data literacy skills empower professionals to critically evaluate data, identify trends, and draw meaningful insights. By undergoing data literacy training, professionals gain the ability to make informed decisions that drive growth, innovation, and strategic planning.

Data literacy education equips professionals with the capacity to understand data visualizations, effectively communicate insights, and collaborate seamlessly with colleagues from various disciplines. These skills are pivotal for professionals to contribute to cross-functional teams and drive data-informed initiatives.

The Value of Data Literacy Certification

Certification in data literacy is a testament to professionals’ proficiency in understanding and interpreting data. In a landscape where data literacy is highly sought after, certified professionals stand out as individuals who possess the skills to leverage data for meaningful outcomes. The exam EDF Certified Data Literacy Professional, available at, offers professionals the opportunity to validate their expertise.

Certified data literacy professionals have the acumen to bridge the gap between data and decision-making, ensuring that organizations make informed choices. Their expertise enhances their credibility, enabling them to contribute to strategic discussions and guide data-driven initiatives. Certification serves as a stamp of recognition, positioning professionals as data literacy leaders in a data-centric world.

In conclusion, data literacy skills are essential for professionals aiming to thrive in the digital age. Resources like the EDF Data Literacy Professional Courseware and the exam EDF Certified Data Literacy Professional available at empower professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in this domain. The advantages are manifold, from making informed decisions to fostering cross-functional collaboration. Data literacy certification elevates professionals by confirming their expertise, showcasing their commitment to data-driven excellence, and positioning them as leaders capable of translating data into actionable insights. As organizations increasingly rely on data for strategic growth, certification becomes a strategic advantage for professionals aspiring to contribute meaningfully to their organizations’ success through data literacy skills.