ITAMOrg global launching partners! #ITAMLAUNCH

Through this ITAMLAUNCH communication Van Haren Learning Solutions are proud to announce that the following certification levels are now available:

  • IT Asset Management Foundation (ITAMF)
  • Software Asset Management Specialist (SAMS)
  • Hardware Asset Management Specialist (HAMS)

These were made possible thanks to the close collaboration between Van Haren Learning Solutions and the ITAMOrg. A special thanks also go out to all the partners and knowledgeable professionals who worked incredibly hard and tirelessly to make it all possible.

The boost in demand for Asset Management certifications has surprised even us at Van Haren Learning Solutions. Given today’s market, these certifications are rapidly proving vital for (new and current) professionals to possess.

Launching partner

The partners mentioned above have committed to act as the launching partner (along with some other educational partners). We are fortunate to have them be the first to release the updated certifications to the market, as it means they are bringing their added value, skills, and experience in Asset Management with them.

Why is ITAM certification is such a hot topic now!

  • Recent developments due to the pandemic (COVID-19) have made IT Asset Management even more relevant these days. Nowadays, large corporations need to be even more vigilant in keeping track of all their organization licenses. As a result, the demand for IT/Software Asset Management knowledge has soared in the past year.
  • The authors who have made the IT Asset Management in ITIL® 4 are the same authors/owners of ITAMOrg. Quickly adapting to sudden changes in the market or surges in demand has allowed us to supply the market with what they need – when they need it – and it’s had a direct impact on the level of demand.
  • Working in the cloud has increased the strain on IT Asset Management for Service Management and Security sectors. Knowledge combined in both ITIL 4 Foundation and ITAM Foundation is proving to be invaluable for today’s service managers.
  • ServiceNow and other tooling vendors are currently investing heavily in ITAM and SAM.
  • Security audits almost always stress the importance of keeping your license up-to-date to prevent significant issues down the road. As the need for this has increased, the demand for better IT Asset Managers has risen exponentially.
  • Everyone who has passed an ITIL® 4 certification will receive  My ITIL van Axelos, which also contains several IT Asset Management templates. An excellent reason for former certified professionals in ITIL® 4 to convert to ITAM.
  • Certified professionals will receive a one-year Membership to ITAMOrg value at 300 euros for free.
  • The primary target audiences are Service Managers, IT Asset Managers, CISO Security Administrators, and Purchasers/Contract Managers.

By adding a highly valued new skill, you will be able to differentiate yourself quicker in an ever-changing and growing market!