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Dive into the world of PRINCE2® (Projects IN Controlled Environments) and equip yourself with the globally recognized framework to confidently lead projects, mitigate risks, and ensure consistent project success through structured and adaptable management practices

PRINCE2® Project Management

The PRINCE2 Methode

The Van Haren Group, is the publisher and professional courseware provider in PRINCE2®. We facilitate cooperation and individuals in their learning and application of PRINCE2®.

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Projectmanagement op basis van PRINCE2® 6de Editie – 4de geheel herziene druk

€ 38.10
Excl. Tax: € 34.95

PRINCE2 6th Edition Foundation Courseware English - 2nd revised edition

€ 74.29
Excl. Tax: € 68.16

PRINCE2 6th Edition Practitioner Courseware - English

€ 88.22
Excl. Tax: € 80.94

PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation Courseware – English

€ 88.22
Excl. Tax: € 80.94

PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner Courseware – English

€ 93.52
Excl. Tax: € 85.80

PRINCE2 ® 6de Editie - Pocket guide

€ 21.26
Excl. Tax: € 19.50

PRINCE2® 6th Edition - A Pocket Guide

€ 21.26
Excl. Tax: € 19.50
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