The iSAQB CPSA Certification Scheme – Meaning, Benefits, and Structure

Podcast with iSAQB members Carola Lilienthal, Eberhard Wolff, and Gernot Starke

In this brand-new podcast episode, Carola Lilienthal, Gernot Starke, and Eberhard Wolff sat together to discuss the iSAQB’s two-level certification scheme CPSA – Certified Professional for Software Architecture – in detail. What are the reasons for, and what is the actual meaning of the CPSA certification program? Which are the benefits for participants, but also for the field of software development, and software architecture as a whole?

To really answer these questions, it is essential to take a look at the roots of the iSAQB in a first step, but especially at the structure and content of the CPSA-Foundation Level and CPSA-Advanced Level. Find out what can be expected from Foundation Level training courses, how they might differ from Advanced Level modules, and – last but not least – how the examination process actually works to successfully achieve a certification. Or could the iSAQB’s certification scheme also be valuable without completing a whole certification level?

Listen to the whole podcast episode here: