VeriSM™ is an approach to service management that focuses on creating value by integrating and aligning organizational capabilities, processes, and management practices with evolving business needs



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VeriSM™: Unwrapped and Applied

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VeriSM™ - A service management approach for the digital age

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VeriSM™ – Foundation Courseware

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VeriSM™ Professional EXAM

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VeriSM™ Foundation Study Guide

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Embrace the benefits of enhanced service management and organizational efficiency by adopting VeriSM™, a holistic approach that aligns your capabilities with business needs, fostering continuous improvement and value creation.
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about VeriSM™

The IFDC (International Foundation for Digital Competences) is a global thought leader in the area of digital competences, which aspires to a world in which organizations and professionals are empowered and enabled to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital age. The mission of the IFDC is to develop, own, maintain and promote (open) standards and approaches for the development of professionals in the digital era.

Today, many organizations and governments offer their services in a rapidly changing environment. This has created demand for highly-educated professionals with the right knowledge and skills in the area of Service Management. To meet those changing demands, the IFDC took the initiative to create VeriSM™ – a new Service Management approach – which was developed by an international team of experts led by Chief Architect Claire Agutter (Winner ITSMF UK Thought Leadership Award 2017).

As a not-for-profit organization, the IFDC takes a community-based approach to the development of new standards and approaches. All areas of the community (end-user organizations, professionals, consultants & consulting organizations, service / tool vendors, training organizations, the academic sector) are invited to join the VeriSM™ journey.

Excelling in Service Management with VeriSM™ Expertise

In the era of digital transformation, delivering seamless and effective services is crucial for businesses to remain competitive. VeriSM™ (Value-driven, Evolving, Responsive, Integrated, Service Management) has emerged as a comprehensive approach to service management, designed to navigate the challenges of the digital age. This article explores the significance of VeriSM™ and VeriSM™ service management, highlighting the advantages of training and certification in this domain using resources available at

Unveiling the Essence of VeriSM™ Service Management

The book “VeriSM™ – A service management approach for the digital age,” VeriSM™: Unwrapped and Applied, along with courseware like VeriSM™ Professional Courseware and VeriSM™ – Foundation Courseware, accessible at, offer a deep dive into the VeriSM™ framework. These resources provide professionals with comprehensive insights into VeriSM™ service management principles, practices, and strategies tailored for the digital landscape.

Advantages of VeriSM™ Education for Professionals

VeriSM™ is designed to provide a holistic approach to service management that embraces the complexity and diversity of the digital age. Professionals who undergo VeriSM™ education gain a deep understanding of how to integrate different management practices, such as agile, DevOps, and ITIL®, to create an adaptable and responsive service delivery model.

By training in VeriSM™, professionals learn to align service management with business goals, leverage emerging technologies, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. This skill is essential in a world where service excellence directly impacts customer satisfaction, business growth, and organizational success. With VeriSM™ knowledge, professionals become adept at managing services that are both efficient and customer-centric.

The Value of VeriSM™ Certification

Certification in VeriSM™ serves as a formal recognition of professionals’ expertise in modern service management practices. In a competitive job market, where organizations are seeking individuals who can navigate the complexities of digital service delivery, certification positions individuals as experts capable of leading service management initiatives.

Certified VeriSM™ professionals showcase their ability to create and manage services that are adaptable, responsive, and aligned with business objectives. Their expertise empowers them to lead service management transformations, make informed decisions, and drive value creation. Certification not only elevates individual credibility but also contributes to the overall service management maturity of the organization.

In conclusion, VeriSM™ represents a powerful approach to service management that addresses the unique challenges of the digital age. Resources like the book “VeriSM™ – A service management approach for the digital age,” VeriSM™ Professional Courseware, and the VeriSM™ – Foundation Courseware, available at, equip professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in VeriSM™ service management. The advantages range from improved service quality to the ability to navigate the complexities of digital service delivery.

Certification in VeriSM™ serves as a testament to professionals’ mastery, positioning them as leaders capable of driving service management excellence in the digital age. As organizations increasingly recognize the importance of responsive and value-driven service delivery, certification becomes a strategic asset for professionals aspiring to contribute significantly to their organizations’ success through innovative service management leadership.