Successful Digital Transformation; a survival guide for managers and executives – in 3 minutes

A lot has been written about it: the world is changing at breakneck speed. Organizations from all sectors are facing enormous challenges, radical changes are taking place everywhere. The needs and behavior of consumers are fundamentally changing. New organizations are appearing on the market with new business models, positioning themselves in front of the original service provider in customer contact. They steal your clients and push you into a supplier role with marginal revenues. At the same time, technological advances are accelerating at a dizzying rate for organizations. This raises new questions. What gives value to customers, employees, society and shareholders? What opportunities are you going to take advantage of?

1. Title

Successful Digital Transformation; a survival guide for managers and executives.

2. The Basics

More than ever, managers will have to think and make choices about how digitization can create value. Optimal use of information technology can make the difference between decisive competitive advantage, survival and loss. Investments in digital technology are a significant part of the budget. Digital innovation is no longer a priority, it is a necessity. So, it requires structural attention from and control by managers. You can’t leave this to specialists in your organization or outsource it to a supplier or consultant. Managers need to know and understand the world of robotics, IoT, big data, blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Make the right choices from a sharp view of market developments, technological possibilities and business perspective. And have a clear picture of how to organize and manage the transition successfully.

3. Summary

The book “Successful Digital Transformation; a survival guide for managers and executives” highlights that there is a strong need for organizations to tackle digital transformation boldly and ambitiously. The fear of making mistakes must be put aside, only by doing and learning speed can be made. With this book, the author makes the complexity of digital transformations manageable again. By creating structure, unraveling things and considering them holistically, in conjunction. By distinguishing main issues from side issues, applying the 80/20 rule and setting clear priorities. The core message is that organizations need to get to work to continue to play a leading role in their market. They will need to have a sharp digital strategy, based on five dominant themes, where a digital breakthrough is needed:

  • Data-driven working
  • Smart, digital processes
  • Brilliant customer experience
  • Agile and resilient organization
  • New digital business models

Practical tools are provided on how to define the digital strategy, to develop the five themes and how to tackle, manage and bring the digital transition to successful implementation.

5. Target Audience

Successful Digital Transformation is a guideline and reference work for everyone who deals with digital transformation. The book focuses primarily on managers and directors of complex organizations on a strategic and tactical level and furthermore on everyone who is closely involved in getting digital transformation done: business developers, marketeers, product owners, business consultants, business analysts, IT professionals, enterprise architects and program and change managers.

6. Scope

The book covers the entire process of digital transformation: from strategy to execution. All business elements that play a role are treated: people, process and technology.