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Van Haren Certify

Van Haren Certify

Van Haren Certify creates certification though exams within the Best Practices domain.
These Best Practices exist out of Foundation, Practitioner and Specialist level exams.

These exams are created by the Best Practices ecosystem and specialists. Guided and under supervision by Van Haren Certify.

Van Haren Certify provides her certification delivery based on the ISO/IEC 17024 standard for Conformity Assessment. Which specify the general requirements for organizations Conducting of Personal Certification. And is an ISO/IEC standard that outlines the criteria for operating a certification program for individuals.”

Van Haren Certify is a fast growing part of hthe Van Haren Group. Contributing to it’s shared ambitions and objectives.

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Would you like to publish your exam or certification? In the section below is an outline of the publishing process and what kind of support Van Haren Certify will provide to our partners.

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Knowledge of the market and high-quality

“We are committed to tailoring our exam materials to precisely match the evolving demands of the market. The fields of IT Management, Enterprise Architecture, Business Management, and Project Management are constantly changing. It is essential for us to keep pace with these market dynamics.

Every day, we dedicate ourselves to upholding the highest quality standards across all our exam materials. We achieve this through:

  • Continuous collaboration with our team of expert exam developers.
  • Selecting content from renowned authors and organizations worldwide.
  • Regularly subjecting exam manuscripts to peer reviews before publication.

You can trust that our dedication to providing top-quality, relevant exam materials remains steadfast.”

Exam creation process

Step 1
1 - 2 weeks

Pre-production Phase

  • Present subject
  • Present potential market
  • Establish product name and initial description
Step 2
2 - 8 weeks

Preparation phase

  • Establish Key learning points
  • Establish learning objectives (segment)
  • Establish exam structure (modules and sub-modules)
  • Establish exam specification
  • Create draft syllabus
Step 3
2 - 8 weeks

Production phase

  • Request feedback (as much as possible)
  • Receive exam demo
  • Create questions containers based on modules
  • Create exam and practice exam questions
Step 4
1-3 months

Revision phase

  • Request feedback (as much as possible)
  • Have copy-edithor check exam
  • Revise exam and syllabus comments.
  • Publish product pages exam
Step 5
1-3 month(s)

Pilot phase

  • Publish exam in pilot phase
  • Live testing
  • Collect feedback and KPI information
  • Process feedback
Step 6
1-2 month(s)

Go Life

Exam is live

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Van Haren Certify


At Van Haren Certify, we take immense pride in the services we offer. We cater to both B2B customers and end-users (B2C) and consider being readily available for our partners a top priority. Our customer-focused services have been meticulously developed based on direct requests and feedback, ensuring that they align perfectly with the needs of our clients.

History of Van Haren Certify

Van Haren Certify is part of Van Haren Learning Solutions, which was established in 2017 with the mission of developing educational products derived from Van Haren Publishing’s extensive collection of publications.

Our journey commenced with the creation of training materials, often referred to as courseware, primarily intended for use by training organizations to facilitate accredited training programs. As the market shifted and partner regulations changed. Van Haren Learning Solutions started to invest more in emerging Best practices such as BIAN, CATS CM, Data & AI, BIO CBP and many other independent management Best Practices and Standards.

In 2019, the first certification of BIAN was published, followed by the Agile Consortium and  many others.

Van Haren Learning Solutions established its own certification and examination services with the label “Van Haren Certify”.
Van Haren Certify has a very positive effect on the exam business, it will Strengthening our Best Practice!

The Van Haren Certify examination services have been established with a digital perspective. From the beginning only offered digital examination, which was quickly normalized by the COVID pandemic. Gradually we have been broadening and improving our services and becoming a well-established business. Van Haren Learning Solutions creates learning solutions within the Best Practices domain.

These Best Practice Learning Solutions exist out of fully thought-out training materials including examination and Learning journeys. Which can be leveraged for classical or LMS-based Learning Solutions based on Best Practice management subjects.

The Best Practice domain has an active corporate learning sector, which is governed by certification and accreditation. Part of the service Van Haren Learning Solutions provides is that it navigates organizations within the Best Practice Accreditation landscape. By taking over the main accreditation deliverables by providing Learning Solutions that are fully accredited or ready to be fully accredited.

Van Haren Learning Solutions has been growing steadily for the last couple of years becoming a proud en selfs sustainable part of the Van Haren Group. Contribution to its shared ambitions and objectives.