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Van Haren Learning Solutions

Van Haren Learning Solutions creates learning solutions within the Best Practices domain.
These Best Practice Learning Solutions exist out of fully thought-out training materials including examination and Learning journey’s. Which can be leverage for classical or LMS based Learning Solutions based on Best Practice management subjects.

The Best Practice domain has an active corporate learning sector, which is governed by certification and accreditation. Part of the service Van Haren Learning Solutions provides is that it navigates organisations within the Best Practice Accreditation landscape. By taking over the main accreditation deliverables by providing the Learning Solutions that are fully accredited or ready to be fully accredited.

Van Haren Learning Solutions has been growing the last couple of years, becoming a proud and self-sustainable part of the Van Haren Group. Contributing to it’s shared ambitions and objectives.

Do you want to publish a courseware with us?

Would you like to publish courseware? In the section below is an outline of the publishing process and what type of (marketing) support Van Haren Learning Solutions can offer.

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Knowledge of the market and high-quality

We are dedicated to customizing our courseware to precisely align with the evolving market demands. The landscape of IT Management, Enterprise Architecture, Business Management, and Project Management is in a constant state of flux. Therefore, it is imperative for us to stay abreast of the market dynamics.

Our daily endeavors are focused on maintaining the utmost quality across all our courseware. We achieve this through:

  • Consistent collaboration with our expert courseware development team
  • Curating content from globally acclaimed authors and organizations
  • Conducting regular peer reviews of courseware manuscripts before they are published.

Rest assured, our commitment to delivering high-quality, relevant courseware remains unwavering.

Courseware Publishing process

Step 1
1 - 2 weeks

Preparation phase

  • Present subject
  • Present potential market
  • Establish product name and initial description
  • Define size
  • Find market
  • Find reviewers and users/clients
  • Discuss with Publisher
Step 2
1 - 4 weeks

Agree on terms

  • Agree on terms and contract
  • Receive access to Share folder
  • Request ISBN
Step 3
6 - 12 weeks

Production Phase

Create various deliverables within the production process

00_total By Van Haren Final map where I place the final product  
01_title page By Van Haren Editing Van Haren will do this  
02_Colopohn By Van Haren Editing Van Haren will do this 
03_C intro By Van Haren This already has a standard file  
04_ VHP Port By Van Haren  This already has a standard file 
05_Author intro by author (optional) Here you can give the students a little tip or advice or you can wish them luck. Just a little gesture from the author to the student. 
06_Toc by author Here you can make the table of content structure of the courseware, only the Module part. 
07_Reflection by Van Haren This already has a standard file 
08_agenda by author Try to make an agenda for the course, which chapter when, times are obligated. 
09_presentation by author The presentation and your key piece of work. 
10_Q and A by author To be more than a standard book, the author normally makes questions. These can be multiple choice or case studies 
11_Sample P/ practice exam by author If you have these, put them in, otherwise editing will go find them myself on the accreditor website. 
12_sillabus by author If you have these, put them in, otherwise editing will go find them myself on the accreditor website. 
13_ Summary by author Same story as 05, but more as a summary and what to learn with this courseware. 
Step 4
1-3 month(s)

Review Phase

  • Request feedback (as much as possible)
  • Have a copy-editor check exam
  • Revise exam and syllabus comments.
  • Publish product pages exam
Step 5
1 - 6 Month (s)

Revision phase

  • Publish courseware in pilot phase
  • Live testing
  • Collect feedback and KPI information
  • Process feedback
Step 6
2 months

Publishing phase

Now the Van Haren Learning Solutions will make the manuscript in to a booklet. Typing, copy editing, ensuring the lay-out of everything, etc.

Step 7
3 years


It is launch time! Now the work really starts. Marketing is crucial to a courseware success. So it’s also very important that the author and the entire community support the product.



At Van Haren Learning Solutions, we pride ourselves on the service we provide. Van Haren Learning Solutions has mainly B2B customers. Being available for our partners is key! The services we offer are all customer-focused and have been established based on direct requests and feedback.

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Van Haren Learning Solutions


History of Van Haren Learning Solutions

Van Haren Learning Solutions was founded in 2017 to create learning products based on publications from Van Haren Publishing. Originally, we started with training materials, also knowns as courseware, which can predominantly be used by training organisations to conduct accredited training.

In the beginning most of these products were related to Best Practice bodies such as Axelos via Peoplecert, The Open Group, EXIN and occasionally APMG International. As the market shifted and partner regulations changed, Van Haren Learning Solutions started to invest more in emerging Best Practices such as BIAN, CATS CM, Data & AI, BIO CBP and many other independent management Best Practices and standards.

With it, Van Haren Learning Solutions established its own certification and examination services under the label Van Haren Certify. The various certifications offered by Van Haren Certify have been very popular, growing the exam business of the Van Haren Group rapidly and strengthening the Best Practice learning solutions we offer.

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About Van Haren Learning Solutions

Since the start of Van Haren Learning Solutions, their core principles have been independence and impartiality.

Van Haren Learning Solutions understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its certification activities, managing conflict of interest, and ensuring the objectivity of its certification activities.

Van Haren Learning Solutions will not now, nor ever will, stray from their commitment to act impartially. Nor will it violate its status of being independent or discriminate against anyone in any sense or way possible concerning any organization, applicant, or (certified) person.

Van Haren will never make any distinction amongst candidates. Variations in a certification process is not possible and need to be executed as described in the accreditation guidelines. There are processes which are stipulated for certain groups who need special treatment (for example persons with proven disabilities).,

At Van Haren, we aim to help others with the finest in best practice products and services.

We hope to help organizations achieve their goals by sharing our best practice ecosystem. Included in our ecosystem are things such as certification, accreditation, examination and an extensive network with and through our partners.

We are continuously looking to innovate and exchange knowledge within the IT & IT Management, Enterprise Architecture, Business Management and Project Management sectors. We strive to make knowledge more accessible via our eLibrary and eKnowledge center in the form of hardcopy books, eBooks, white papers, and other training material.

You can expect from us:

  • Uncompromising Quality: Quality is non-negotiable and never up for debate.
  • Dedicated Service and Long-term Relationships: We prioritize committed, long-term relationships over short-term gains, believing in the enduring strength of such partnerships.
  • Fair Business Practices: Both parties must benefit; otherwise, there is no sustainable business relationship.
  • Forward-Thinking Approach: Embracing change as a constant, we consistently look towards the future, adapting and evolving.
  • Enjoying the Journey: We find joy in our work, understanding that having fun in what we do is what life is all about!