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Van Haren can manage all your publishing needs from start to finish. Our extensive portfolio in the field of IT Management, Enterprise Architecture, Business Management, and Project Management is a testament to the high quality of our publications.

Do you want to publish a book?

Would you like to publish a book? In the section below is an outline of the publishing process and what kind of (marketing) support Van Haren Publishing will provide.

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Knowledge of the market and high-quality


We strive to ensure our publications are tailored to meet the needs of the market specifically. The world of IT Management, Enterprise Architecture, Business Management, and Project Management is continually changing. So, it is vital for us to know what is exactly going on in the market.

We work hard daily to ensure that all our content is of the highest quality. How do we do this:

  • Regularly consulting our executive publishing team
  • Sourcing content from internationally respected authors & organizations
  • Adding peer reviews regularly to manuscripts prior to publishing

Publishing process

1 - 3 month(s)

Preparation phase

  • Make index (draft story line)
  • Establish segment
  • Establish definitions
  • Draft eco-system
1 month


  • Request feedback (as much as possible)
  • Define size
  • Find market
  • Find reviewers
  • Discuss with Publisher
6-12 months

Start writing

1-3 month(s)


The more reviewers the better, both for the quality and the resell potential. Resellers will be mentioned in the book of course.

1-2 month(s)


The last mile is revising all corrections from the reviewers and the publisher.
This is a tiresome process, but crucial for the quality.
However, when this process is finished, you are too!

2 months


Now the Van Haren Group will make the manuscript in to a booklet. Typing, copy editing, ensuring the lay-out of everything, etc.



It is launch time! Now the work really starts. Marketing is crucial to a book’s success. So it’s also very important that the author and the entire community support the book.

Relevant pages to publishing

The power of a publication


The power of a publication is that individuals can familiarize themselves with the content. The benefit will be a notable increase in adoption of your way of thinking.

It will also have a significant impact on the overall marketing of the subject and content in general. We are a global distributor. People worldwide will eventually come across your content and, hopefully, will make it their own.