In this BIAN Global Summit Recordings & Presentations, you can find the record of the SCOPE & OBJECTIVES OF BIAN WORKING GROUPS track. Where Maurits van der Plas present about the Adoption Working group.

Update from the BIAN Adoption Working group that he elaborates on are:

  • Introduction
  • About the Adoption working group (goals)
  • Current accomplishments (adoption enablers)
  • Highlight the Professional Certification program
  • Future activities

Adoption enablers created so far:

  • BIAN Book – 2nd Edition (fully revised) – A framework for the financial services industry
  • Free download for BIAN Wiki users
  • BIAN Banking Architecture Foundation Certification (Fully revised, Professional Certification)
  • Online examination (anywhere-anytime)
  • 60 multiple-choice questions
  • Full & digital practice exam simulator include.


-Accredited Education Partners in BIAN

  • Envizion & CC&C Solutions

-Connecting & facilitation resources

  • BIAN Practitioner Community
  • Open for non-member
  • Chat with experts
  • Access to lots of adoption-related content

-BIAN Infographic

  • An elaborated, visually attractive, and animated infographic
  • Relevant whitepapers and webinars added per stage and subprocess

-Series of BIAN Adoption Webinars

  • Previous webinars and Recordings:
  • Core Banking Platform Transformation at a top North American Bank
  • Coreless Banking in the Digital Era: The PNC Story
  • BIAN Book – 2nd Edition (fully revised) preview – A framework for the financial services industry
  • -BIAN – The essential foundation for a modern digital bank-
  • Comparison of BIAN Semantic APIs with implementation-level APIs in Lending and Product domains
  • BIAN & ACTUS combine their global standards and leverage open-source platforms
  • ABSA BANK – BIAN API Adoption.
  • How SPD Bank is using BIAN in their strategy program

BIAN 2nd Edition: Book & Professional Certification

Fully Revised

-The content of this second edition is a fully revised version of the first edition of BIAN, which was published in 2019 (BIAN Edition 2019).

-The theory and principles of the BIAN Framework and its application in practice, are now treated in two separate parts of the book.

-The application of the BIAN Framework in different contexts is treated more extensively and has been illustrated with lots of (semi-)real-life examples.

The most recent additions to the BIAN are described:

  • The Business Capability Model.
  • The Business Object Model (BOM).
  • The Semantic API descriptions
  • The newly developed “BIAN adoption journey”

What’s coming:

  • BIAN Transformation Award 2022
  • Open for Banks, Fintechs, Regulators,
  • Service Providers, Solution Providers
  • Call for Papers in Q1 2022
  • Evaluation and Ceremony in Q4 2022
  • Information will be published on B.I.A.N. Services GmbH

-BIAN Members – Practitioner community Case study

  • How to set up a BIAN Learning Community
  • Prospected new certification level

The presentation can be downloaded: